Waffles. Hot tea. My Kindle. “T”. These are a few of my favorite lazy morning things. And how great would be it be to enjoy them in this awesome bed?! Love this headboard… nailheads are pretty much my favorite. Everything is so light and airy and looks so puffy and comfy. Dreamin’.

From Alice Lane Home.


Room with a view

I love the idea of a meal outdoors with lots of friends and family–but what if you bumped it up a notch and had it somewhere like this? If I had this awesome space, I don’t know if I’d ever leave. I think I could find PLENTY of ways to use it and spend time here. Someday, I will have this.

Party on

If ever there was a super fun party dress, this has to be it. It’s a tutu for grown-ups! Ok, so maybe you don’t have to be all the way grown up.

From here.


Summer is coming and I cannot wait! This winter was not super cold in NYC, but it was cold enough for me. I think this outfit would be perfect for an outdoor dinner date with “T”. Bring on summer!

summer nights

Here’s to 29

Well, today is my 29th birthday. 29. Sounds so old. I remember when I was younger and thought my 18 year old cousin was so old and how I couldn’t wait to be 18, too. That was a while ago now.

28 wasn’t bad: got a new job with a company I never thought I would actually get to work for, living in NY with T, was in the wedding of a couple of my closest friends, and decided I need to make big changes in the eating and exercising departments. And tomorrow I leave for my first international trip to Barbados! Not too bad, if I say so myself.

Happy birthday, me!

Fantastic pink party from this blog.

Welcome to the new blog!

Make this DIY doormat: how-to here.