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Missing Oregon

I am obsessed with Pinterest lately… like, OBSESSED. I am thrilled by finding new ideas and I promise you there is no better place to do so. You can find anything on there–from wedding ideas, to recipes for formulating your own laundry detergent at home, to places you’d like to go, and more! My Oregon board has been growing quickly lately… I’m missing home.



2013 Bucket List, so far

Start learning Spanish

Learn to knit (for real) and make something

Start martial arts lessons and learn self defense

Design our wedding invitations

Travel to a new country

Learn calligraphy

Volunteer for a cause

Get much better at cake decorating with fondant

Continue to practice yoga and exercise and stretch, 4 or more times per week

Reduce the amount of sugar I eat and start being stricter with my diet, including more vegetables

Throw an awesome party

Let’s plan a wedding!

“T” and I have been talking more and more about “the big day” and have definitely decided that a destination wedding is the way to go. I want to go somewhere awesome, and it has to be somewhere I have never been (per my personal life traveling rule). So, the most recent place I have been researching is Costa Rica. I have family that have a house there and they are always talking about how awesome it is, and I have to say… after all the research I have done so far, I think I would have to agree. This place looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Not only is it warm and beachy¬†(two of my favorite things) but there are lots of places to explore and many, many animals! The pictures that keep coming up most often are monkeys and SLOTHS. Did you get that–SLOTHS. If I was able to hold a sloth, I could officially die happy. It’s also kind of in the middle of our two families (more so than our original Caribbean thinking) so the cost should be similar for both sides and not terribly high for anyone. I am so stoked. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to wait until April 2014. How can I move this up? Ok, fine… I’ll wait.


Rock on

I love baking. No, I love, love, love baking. The last couple months have been tough–I have been trying really hard to change my eating habits for the better, which meant no more baking for a while. So sad! Especially when I see awesome ideas like this one: a frosted cupcake rolled in rock candy. Genius!

From this blog.


Waffles. Hot tea. My Kindle. “T”. These are a few of my favorite lazy morning things. And how great would be it be to enjoy them in this awesome bed?! Love this headboard… nailheads are pretty much my favorite. Everything is so light and airy and looks so puffy and comfy. Dreamin’.

From Alice Lane Home.

Room with a view

I love the idea of a meal outdoors with lots of friends and family–but what if you bumped it up a notch and had it somewhere like this? If I had this awesome space, I don’t know if I’d ever leave. I think I could find PLENTY of ways to use it and spend time here. Someday, I will have this.